ABQ Shop Hop
Spring Shop Hop - APRIL 3-4, 2020


SAVE THE DATE: Join us for the Inaugural ABQ Shop Hop –
April 3-4, 2020. Shop owners must register by 1/29/2020.


What do I get for my investment?

Shops located within the geographic area covered by each event will receive:

Printed Passports, Downloadable Passports,

Downloadable Driving Directions for all participating shops – this will be a huge help to shop hoppers

Welcome Shop Hoppers window / door signs (color print on 11x17 laminated)

In Store Drawing Signs and Drawing Slips – to help you build your email list

Shop Hop Flyer – hard copy and digital

Event Planning Checklists (Planning, Marketing, Event Wrap Up)

Facebook Promotion for the shop hop (provided you send in a picture of your project and block – and they include the theme fabric)

Event promotion to local quilt guilds, flyers in participated shops, and online community

Links to your website and listing on the ABQ Shop Hop website:

Digital logo and other materials you can use in your email newsletter, website and Facebook page to promote your participation in the event

No meetings to attend – all communication with shop owners is done by emails and text (if desired)

Easy to share list of winners at the end of the event. ABQ Shop Hop will send out the Gift Certificate for each shop all you need to do is honor it when your winner presents it in your shop

Happy Shop Hoppers – provide them with a great experience in your shop and they will become customers – and tell their friends about you


ABQ Shop Hop is open to every shop that meets the guidelines and chooses to participate by registering & paying the registration fee by the deadline. ABQ Shop Hop includes the Albuquerque area and shops within 40 miles of the metro area so that all hoppers are not burdened by having to travel long distances within 2 days.

-shops that will have been open for more than one year at time of the event

-shop must sell fabric as a primary part of their business (fabric sales is more than 60% of the business)

-must sell industry known quilting fabric

-must have a retail location (cannot be located at a home)

-must be within 40 miles of Metro Albuquerque

Why do we use a theme fabric / why is it a blender (basic) rather than a feature fabric?

The use of a theme fabric – and providing that fabric kits for $2.99 as part of the 6″ block to every shop hopper – is seen as a real value in the eyes of the shop hopper, it gets our creative customers motivated to come out and participate in the event. It can be simple and easy!

The reason we have decided to use blenders is to make it easier for each shop to work that theme blender fabric up into a unique block (and project) that is reflective of each unique shop. Our shops are all so different – choosing one “feature fabric” would work for some shops but not as well for others. This way – you can pull from your own collection/shelves to complement the theme fabric and showcase your own shops unique take on quilting.

You are free to use as much or as little of the theme fabrics as you like in your block and your project. The minimum requirement is that you use at least 1 of the theme fabrics in your block/project. You are free to mix in other fabrics from your shop that work well in whatever project that you choose to make providing they coordinate in color, tone and style with the “Official” fabrics for each event. Shop hoppers love the small (less than bed quilt size) projects and to get inspiration from seeing so many different projects.

Some shop hoppers do still like to incorporate all the blocks they pick up into one quilt that commemorates the shop hop for them. That is the primary reason we go with a blenders within a line of fabrics for the theme fabrics – it allows for individual creativity from each shop – but it’s still possible for shop hoppers to put them all together if they choose to do so.

All shops are expected to use the official fabrics in the 6″ block and the small project. Shops may also include other fabrics from the same line or that coordinate in tone, color and style if desired as long as at least one of the “Official” shop hop fabrics is included.


Why do we need to create (and provide) a 6″ Block Pattern?

To motivate our customers – we have chosen to provide each shop hopper a free photo copy pattern with instructions and kits for $2.99 for 6” (finished) quilt block. At least one of the themed fabrics must be used in the block. This way is it possible for our customers to pull together all the kits they pick up during the event into a project that has some amount of continuity.

There is an expense to each shop – however – it’s a significant reason we believe we will see a great number of shop hoppers for this event. Each shop hopper coming through our doors is excited to see what we’ve created and – if they are happy – the majority of them will spend more money in our shops. We’ve believe it is an investment worth making.

It’s important to make certain that your written instructions for your block and your project include complete contact information for your shop (including your logo). These patterns are important marketing materials for your shop that shop hoppers (customers) will refer to multiple times as they are making up their blocks.

Why do we need to create some type of small project that features our 6″ block, why don’t we do a quilt instead?

The reason we have decided to go with small projects rather than a quilt that we each have one piece of – is that it provides our customers with so many more ideas (and therefore potential sales for our shops). Providing shop hoppers with a project idea that is new and a manageable size – means that every shop hopper has something to look forward to as they visit each shop in the event.


To address the desires of those shop hoppers that do want to pull their blocks together into a quilt – ABQ Shop Hop will design a quilt top to accommodate all 6″ blocks of each shop and make the setting instructions available at no charge electronically to every shop and to every shop hopper on the website. Once the event is concluded – the setting instructions are no longer available. This creates a sense of urgency to get the instructions and purchase what they need to complete the quilt.



Do I need to send out the $50.00 Gift Certificate to my Shop Winner?

No – the Gift Certificate winner’s names will be video recorded and put on social media – along with the winners for all other prizes. (ABQ Shop Hop will complete and send the Gift Certificate to your winner and provide you with their contact information – all you need to do is honor the Gift Certificate when it is presented by your winner.)

Why do I need to do an in-store drawing?

Each participating shop agrees to do an in-store drawing for a prize worth $25.00. This is an important motivational feature of the event.

Those shop hoppers who can’t get to all shops – will often not bother with even starting the event if they know they can’t get to every shop. Doing an in-store drawing in each shop – gives these “partial completers” the opportunity to be eligible for a least a small prize at every shop they do have time to visit. This improves our overall attendance numbers considerably – and the experience of every shop hopper as well. This could also result in sales for those shops they do get to visit.

Each drawing slip also gives your visiting shop hoppers an opportunity to sign up for your shop email newsletter if they want to do so. This can be a valuable tool to increase your shop emailing list.

Do I need to print my own Passports, signs and other printed marketing materials?

No – participating shops will be provided (while supplies last) with printed Passports, in-store drawing slips and other printed and/or digitally delivered materials to be used in marketing this event. There will be at lease 2,500 flyers printed and provided to participating shops & guilds to promote the event, along with electronic marketing.

Stamping Passports: 1 Passport will be stamped for any participant (12 year old and older) present in each shop during the event.

Souvenir Passports: If a participant wants to create a souvenir quilt using the passport – the second passport must be clearly marked “Souvenir”.

Must be present to get the Passport stamped: Shops will not be stamping passports for anyone that is not present in the shop during the event.

Why are there so many rules?

The expectation is that all of us (shop owners) partner together to make lots of fun for shop hoppers and therefore – successful for all participating shops. The only way that can happen is if every shop owner follows the agreed upon rules and responsibilities of participation. These rules are provided to each shop owner at the beginning of each event, they are also in the ABQ Shop Hop website for easy reference.

Please note:

Our goal is to provide the best, most consistent shop hop experience for both you, as a shop owner, and for shop hoppers across Albuquerque. In order to do that we have established a number of Shop Registration Requirements.

These requirements are designed to make the event fun for our shop hopping customers and manageable for shop owners and event coordinators alike.

By registering for an ABQ Shop Hop event – you agree to follow all Shop Registration Requirements.

Any shop choosing not to follow these requirements directly compromises the experience of every shop hopper and every other participating shop. Failure by any shop to follow these requirements will result in that shop being excluded from future ABQ Shop Hop events.

Shop Registration Requirements

By registering for a ABQ Shop Hop event – I indicate that I understand the requirements and agree to participate according to the rules listed below.

Participation Fee

My participation fee is due with registration. 2020 Registration ends 1/29/2020.

Theme Fabric

I agree to purchase at least 1 bolt of the theme fabric. Please note – 1 bolt may be enough depending on the amount of fabric used in your block. Order enough to ensure you do not run out.

6″ Block

I agree to provide to each shop hopper/customer at no cost, a pattern and kit with fabric for a 6” finished (6 1/2″ unfinished) quilt block. I understand that at least one of the themed fabrics must be used in the block. If I run out – I will contact the distributor / manufacturer or another participating shop to acquire additional yardage as needed.

You are welcome to use fabrics from your current inventory – in addition to at least one of the “official” shop hop fabrics – however – any fabrics you use from your current inventory must coordinate in color, tone and feel to the “official” shop hop fabrics. Shop hoppers will be using your block in a small project or a quilt and will want your block to coordinate. 

Shop Project

I will also work up my block into a small project and display it prominently during the event. This project is designed to showcase what’s unique about my own shop and provide shop hoppers with a wide range of creative ideas.


I agree to provide high resolution pictures of my block and my project to the ABQ Shop Hop – at least 2 full weeks prior to the start of the event. Failure to send the pictures on time may result in my shop being disqualified from participating in future events.

These pictures are used to feature your shop during the event and are an important part of marketing the entire event to our shop hoppers.

Passports and In-Store winners

The Passports turned in to your shop (completed or not) and the name of your
In-Store Winner must be received by the ABQ Shop Hop within 3 days of the final date of each event (end of business on April 8, 2020). Failure to turn this information in on time may result in my shop being disqualified from participating in future events.

Gift Certificates

I agree to honor a $50 Gift Certificate made out to the winner for my store at the conclusion of the event. The Gift Certificate winner’s names will be drawn on video on April 10, 2020 – along with the winners for all other shop hop prizes.

ABQ Shop Hop will complete and send the Gift Certificate to your winner. You will also be provided with the name and contact information for your Gift Certificate winner.

In-Store Drawing

I agree to do an in-store drawing for a prize of $25.00. I will choose the winner of my in-store drawing at the end of the shop hop – and notify ABQ Shop Hops with the name of my winner within 3 days of the conclusion of each event.

Shop Hop Hours

I agree that my shop will be open at least 10 am – 5 pm on Friday & Saturday April 3-4, 2020.  Additional hours / days are determined by each individual shop.

Open hours for the event days will be printed on the Passports and included on marketing materials.

Printed Materials / Marketing Materials

I understand that I will be provided with printed Passports, in-store drawing slips and other printed (as supplies last) or digitally delivered materials to be used in marketing this event.

No Sales During the Event.
I agree there will be no sales during the event. Clearance section of fabric is acceptable, but no overall sales are allowed during the shop hop.

Working Together

The goal is to create a positive shop hop experience for both shops and customers – I understand that my failure to follow these few rules will negatively impact the customer experience for all shops and may result in my shop being disqualified from participation in future shop hops.


Questions, Suggestions and Ideas

We are always open to ideas, suggestions and constructive feedback. We want this event to get better and better as we move through time. Please understand that all feedback – from all sources will be compiled and we will make plans for each event based on what is best for the majority of participating shops and that creates the best shop hop experience for our customers.

Where corrections and changes need to be made – we will look for better solutions. That being said – any shop that does not work for the consistency of the event by following the agreed upon event rules – will not be allowed to participate in future events.

In the meantime – for more information, send an email to info@abqshophop.com

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